Always remember...

When you feel that situations are pressuring you and suffocating you, when you wish the day had more hours because 24 are not enough, do this: simplification!

A few days ago, when I was proposed to develop a text about fashion and especially bridal fashion, I felt exactly that way. Certainly, this proposal found me agreeable and willing, but at the same time it found me overwhelmed between designs, fabrics, patterns, and the rest of my “family”, you know scissors, pins, etc.! In the last years, especially after my award as "best new designer" I have tackled various projects and the pressure is particularly intense. Being a perfectionist and disliking mediocrity, I found it very difficult to compose a text with a specific topic, given the time pressure and my inexperience as a journalist! So, I applied the rule of simplification. And I started to write... simply, spontaneously, and honestly, I started to unfold my thoughts.

Simplifying things and approaching them with sobriety and honesty will always get you out of trouble! And to slowly come to our topic, I just gave you the first and most important tip! Give yourself some time, get off the train of social paranoia that compels you to be IN and think simply and minimally. After all - so that I, a fashion connoisseur, can play it like that - I have to remind you that less is more! And if you're a bride-to-be, besides loving you because I've learned to live with you for the past 9 years, I have to tell you that now is the time to apply the rule of simplification more urgently than ever. Thinking simply and frugally can't be done in the right direction to avoid tacky or trashy bridal choices

Such choices are made all too often in the ultra-modern information society we live in when we get stuck and adopt wrong standards. With one click on the iPhone that you have - if you respect yourself! - you can find out about upcoming fashion trends and what your favourite celebrities wore. However, this, no matter how well informed you are, does not guarantee success, which is why I never focus there. For me, your personality is of primary importance and as an haute couture designer I want to get to know you before we start talking about fashion. And it's so important that on our first date I prefer you come alone, like “just for a coffee”.

When you meet the designer of your wedding dress, the process for the final selection becomes an experience that is acquired in a pleasant, simple, and natural way. Surely your designer has a way of highlighting your strengths by matching them with your personality. I am happy because I can find beauty in all women, even those in whom it is deeply hidden! So, if you don't feel beautiful, you're definitely doing something wrong. Think about it again! All people, and especially women, are incredible and unique creatures. You deserve to feel beautiful and be proud of yourself. And I just gave you the 2nd important tip: Be yourself!

But before you decide to start your visits to wedding dress designers, consider what I'm going to reveal to you right now. And no matter how crazy it seems to you; do it and you will remember me! With the two previous tips in mind, start your research online. Identify and highlight the 2-3 wedding dresses you fell in love with, or if you're not so enthusiastic, the wedding dresses you liked the most.

You can also stand out from more wedding dresses with various details that you prefer, such as a nice neckline or an impressive back. Print them (or if they are from a magazine, cut the pages), or save them on your mobile and you are ready to apply the 3rd important tip: visualize your desire! Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your beautiful wedding dress. Imagine the church, the guests admiring you, feel the wedding dress harmoniously hugging your body, notice its details. Do as intensely as you can to live your moment!

Now you are ready to book your appointments. Don't make the mistake of booking more than 2-3 appointments. You will be confused and perhaps hopeless. Select your 2 most dominant options - me and one other! - with which you believe that you will have the desired result.

I'm leaving you now because I have to get back to my family, you know scissors, pins etc! To summarize the above: think simply, be yourself, visualize how beautiful you will be on your wedding day. Never forget this…

A few words about Stylianos…

  • Designer Stylianos was born and raised in a family of countries and has a Master’s in Fashion Brand Management in the legendary Istituto Marangoni, Milan

  • Dynamic debut on the Greek catwalks with the unique Doukissa Nomikou stunning the audience wearing the bridal creation with 1800 embroidered Swarovski crystals.

  • With the highly aesthetic collection "Sayome" he was honoured with the "Best New Designer" Award in the context of the Greek Fashion Week.

  • Design and production of an exclusive collection for the crew of “Alpha Star Aviation”, a Saudi private airline owned by the Royal family.

  • Design and production of an exclusive collection for the crew of “Skyprime Aviation”, a Saudi private airline owned by the Royal family.

  • Always following his vision for unique haute couture creations, Stylianos created his own atelier in Kolonaki, at 23 Kanari Street, having won the hearts and preferences of elite clients in the business and artistic fields and beyond.

  • Combining his love for creation, communication and travel, he visits several times a year Arab countries, Dubai, Lebanon, Cairo, etc., for private rehearsals of wedding dresses.

  • The greatest highlight in his career so far, being commissioned to design a range of products for the pilots, crew and ground staff of the new National Carrier of Saudi Arabia “Saudi Royal Aviation”, by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohamed Bin Salman.